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Past Sales of Original Prints and Multiples at Mostly Fine Things

Original fine art prints and multiples that have been sold from our business over the years.


Jacques Hnizdovsky Woodcut 1971 Duck sold image 2015

Jacques Hnizdovsky
(Ukrainian-Amer. 1915-1985)   

Medium: woodcut
Date: 1971
Title: Duck

Sold in 2015


Yaacov Agam Israeli artist silkscreen serigraph sold 2015

Yaacov Agam
(Israeli, 1928-present) 

Medium: colour silkscreen
Edition number: 66/99
Image size: 24" x 27 1/2"

Sold in 2015   


Zao Wou Ki Colour Lithograph Les Petits Bateaux 1953 - Sold

Zao Wou Ki 
(Chinese, 1921-2013)  

Medium: colour lithograph
Date: 1953
Title: Les Petits Bateaux

Sold in 2013     


Luigi Kasimir Etching New York Bowling Green 2016 sold image

Luigi Kasimir
(Austrian, 1881-1962)  

Medium:  colour etching
Image size: 15 1/2" x 12"
Title: New York Bowling Green

Sold in 2016

Image of The Kiss original etching by Salvador Dali - Sold image

Salvador Dali
(Spanish, 1904-1989)

Medium: colour etching
Title: The Kiss
Date: 1971 Song of Songs portfolio

Sold in 2013


Rene Carcan colour etching sold image 2013

René Carcan
(Belgian, 1925-1993)

Medium: Aquatint etching
Title: Le Vent dans la Plaine
Image size:  14" x 11"

Sold in 2013 


Ossip Zadkine Colour Lithograph 2013 sold image

Ossip Zadkine
(Russian-French, 1890-1967)  

Medium: colour lithograph
Title: Praying Mantis
Image size: 22 3/4" x 17"

Sold in 2013


Robert Indiana Silkscreen 1967 by Michael Knigin 2016 sold image

Robert Indiana
(American, 1928-present)

Medium: colour silkscreen
Date: 1967
Printer: Michael Knigin

Sold in 2016 


Colour woodcut by artist Jacques Hnizdovsky called Pears sold 2020

Jacques Hnizdovsky
(Ukrainian-Amer. 1915-1985)  

Medium: colour woodcut
Date: 1978
Title: Pears

Sold in 2020


Colour woodcut by artist Sabra Field called Apple Tree Spring sold 2020

Sabra Field
(American, 1935-present)  

Medium: colour woodcut
Image size: 10" x 14 1/2"
Title: Apple Tree Spring

Sold in 2020


Etching by artist Felix Buhot called L'Hiver a Paris Winter in Paris sold 2020

Felix Buhot
(French, 1847-1898)  

Medium: aquatint etching
Date: 1879
Title: L'Hiver a Paris

Sold in 2020


Drypoint colour etching by artist Warrington Colescott called Last Look sold 2020

Warrington Colescott
(American, 1921-2018)

Medium: colour etching
Date: 1960
Title: Last Look

Sold in 2020 


Drypoint etching by artist Lovis Corinth sold 2020

Lovis Corinth
(German, 1858-1925)  

Medium: drypoint etching
Date: circa 1912
Image size: 9 1/2" x 7 3/4"

Sold in 2020


Etching by artist Anders Zorn called Gulli II sold 2020

Anders Zorn
(Swedish, 1860-1920)

Medium: etching
Image size: 7 7/8" x 5 7/8"
Title: Gulli II

Sold in 2020 


Early black and white lithograph by artist Frank Lobdell sold 2020

Frank Lobdell
(American, 1921-2013)

Medium: lithograph
Image size: 17 1/4" x 12 3/4"
Sheet size: 22" x 15"

Sold in 2020 


Colour silkscreen on a card by artist Leonard Pytlak sold 2020

Leonard Pytlak
(American, 1910-1998)

Medium: colour silkscreen
Image size: 6" x 8 3/8"
Printed as a card

Sold in 2020