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Eye Winker Pattern | EAPG Clear Pressed Glass Honey Dish

Eye Winker Pattern | EAPG Clear Pressed Glass Honey Dish

Honey Dish Description and Makers

This is an Early American Pattern Glass pressed non-flint glass dish. The pattern is Eye Winker also known as Cannon Ball, Crystal Ball, Winking Eye.  This is a candy dish, honey dish or nappy.

Made by Dalzell, Gilmore and Leighton Glass Co. in Findlay, Ohio in 1889.  The pattern seen here is not what the original Eye Winker pattern entailed, however this is the common pattern name used today for the dish we have displayed here. 

Honey Dish Dimensions and Condition Details

Height:  2 1/4” 
Corner to Corner:  5 1/8”
Side to side:  3 7/8”
Base:  3 1/4”
Condition:  Very good except for a large chip on one of the scallops on the inside top edge and a scratch on the bottom surface. 

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