About Us | The Story of Mostly Fine Things

Mostly Fine Things was conceived as an umbrella business name to show and sell an eclectic combination of original artwork and antique pieces.  With over 50 years combined experience and nearly 500 individual pieces of inventory, this online shop is decidedly unique.


In Toronto in 2002, Emily began learning about buying and selling original prints from her father who had been a dealer for approximately 25 years.  They created Mostly Fine Prints and started listing some pieces on eBay.  She handled thousands of original prints, many of which went on to auction houses all over the world.  Her Father’s vast knowledge and experience in dealing with 20th Century Original Prints and Multiples was indispensable.  With access to his expansive library of books and Catalogue Raisonnés, Emily got a rare level of education and exposure to original prints.  She learned about the most famous artists in the world to some of the most obscure.  Mostly Fine Prints is now a collection on the website.

Kim grew up in an antique shop run by her mother in Hemmingford, Quebec.  In and around Montreal, she spent much of her childhood at auctions and antique shows surrounded by dealers and collectors.  She grew to learn about fine art and antiques from the smallest pattern glass toothpick holder to the largest 16th Century Armoire.  She later went on to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking from The Corcoran School of Art, in Washington DC.  In 1993 Kim opened a small shop in Knowlton, Quebec where she created and sold custom made lampshades and lighting, antique lamps and furniture.  Next in Montreal and Toronto Kim worked with antique dealers and interior designers in providing custom made lampshades, and lamp creation and restoration services.  She has had endless exposure, education, and experience with fine art, antiques and lighting.   

It was in 2005 that Kim joined Mostly Fine Prints bringing her hands on knowledge of precisely how original prints are made to the table.


Together they have built up a fairly large inventory of both original prints, antique glass and smalls.  In 2014 they moved to Nova Scotia, Canada and it is here that they created Mostly Fine Things.  All of their stock is housed on the premises, but currently it is only available to purchase online.  In the next year Mostly Fine Things will have a physical shop and gallery for the public to visit. The inventory will become much larger, more diverse to include lighting, and a variety of new curios.


With the diverse group of pieces for sale at Mostly Fine Things, coupled with Kim and Emily’s history, anyone looking for fine things will enjoy browsing the shop.  Art and antique collectors, Interior Designers and their clients, and everyone who appreciates fine things will find the website and future shop a valuable resource.


With only a tenth of the inventory online the shop continues to grow.  For now they have narrowed down the focus to only include original prints, antique glass, vintage pottery and porcelain.  Since Kim has spent over 15 years in lighting they plan to expand the shop to include antique and vintage lamps. Check back often or join the mailing list as more fine things are coming.