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Banner Pattern | EAPG Pressed Glass Covered Butter Dish

Banner Pattern | EAPG Pressed Glass Covered Butter Dish

Butter Dish Description and Makers

This Early American Pattern Glass covered butter dish is clear pressed glass. The pattern is Banner, also know as Three Shields. This is a novelty design with the American flag.

Made by Bryce Brothers, Pennsylvania, in 1890. 

Butter Dish Dimensions and Condition Details

Dish Height: 2”                                  Lid Height: 2”                             
Dish Width: 5 3/4”                             Lid Width: 5”
Dish Length: 7 1/2”                           Lid Length: 6 1/2” 
Dish with Lid Height: 4”
Condition:  The lid has a few flakes on the edge top and bottom, and 1 chip on the handle. The dish has 2 small chips on the underside edge and 1 rough spot in the base of dish.  Otherwise it is in good condition, and the damaged areas are hard to find due to the intricate patterning.

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