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Heart Band Pattern | EAPG Ruby Stained Souvenir Mug

Heart Band Pattern | EAPG Ruby Stained Souvenir Mug

Souvenir Mug Description and Makers

This is an Early American Pressed Glass EAPG ruby stained souvenir mug.  The pattern is Heart Band made starting 1897 by McKee and Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA. The souvenir is for De La Tuque. 

Souvenir Mug Dimensions and Condition Details

Height:  2 1/2”
Opening width:  2” 
Widest width:  2 1/8”
Base/Foot width:  1 5/8”
Condition:  There is slight scuffing on the upper edges around the mouth. The gold around this area has some wear. A flake on the outside of the widest part of the body is lost in the busy pattern. There is a more obvious flake on the edge of the base. Otherwise it is in good shape. 

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