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Beefeater GR Large Toby Character Jug Royal Doulton China

Beefeater GR Large Toby Character Jug Royal Doulton China

Character Jug Description

This is a Beefeater Character Jug in large size by Royal Doulton China.  Also sometimes referred to as a Toby or Toby Mug.  At the base of the handle is an abbreviation of George Rex, "GR" for King George VI.  In 1953 the King died, and the cipher was changed to ER (Elizabeth Regina) for Queen Elizabeth II.  This jug pre-dates the King's death and as such is priced and rated in a separate value range to the ER jugs of the post 1953 era of the Beefeater Character. 

Beefeater Name Origin

The Yeomen of the Guard, keepers of the Tower of London, were noted to eat large amounts of meat by a visiting Grand Duke.  The translation of the old English term for servant is "loaf-eater", the guards were often paid in beef, and so this explains the name of the character.

Character Jug Specifications

Pattern Number:  D6206
Designed by:  Harry Fenton
Series:  The London Collection
Issued:  1946, 1947-1953
Height:  6.5"  
Condition: Very good condition with no chips, cracks, crazing or repairs.
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